Day: 9 January 2019



on 9 January 2019

I like to rest in Your Presence.

I like to sail then across the infinite ocean of silence,

and with my eyes wide shut to see

what is unseeable and unrecognizable.

Far behind me all the noise of this world dies

and I am floating on silence,

hearing it speak loudly to my heart.

I like so to cross alone the skies of my dreams.

It is quiet all around and always so beautiful.

In every nook of my thoughts I find traces of Your love.

You outrun me at all times and tirelessly prepare the table

for a lonesome wanderer.

I like to reach the places where

silence, clothed in heavenly music,

not ceasing to be silence, though,

becomes also the perfection of the Word.

I know

that only You can do

what is unachievable,

what is impossible and unimaginable.

Yes, I know

that what escapes the senses

can only be known in You –

O my Christ.

Andrzej Cyrikas

translated by Ewa Samotyj-Hess