Day: 7 January 2019



on 7 January 2019

My Gospel  is about the Living, True and Only God.

My Gospel  is a cry for the truth of the Cross, the truth of Jesus Christ, who died for my and your sins.

My Gospel  is the painful story of the Cross on Calvary, covered with the Savior’s innocent blood.

My Gospel  is about Love, which accepted death so we could live forever.

My Gospel  is a testimony to the victory of life over death, of holiness over sin and of glory over downfall.

My Gospel  is the truth about the Spirit, who comes and gives new life; who comes and kindles the heart with the desire for Jesus; who brings the desire for everlasting glory and holiness.

My Gospel  is about life which, even if in tears, is happy, and about love which is joyous, radiant and endlessly hopeful.

My Gospel  is the light in the dark world of hypocrisy, foolishness and death – it is the everlasting life and everlasting reconciliation with the Lord of love.

Andrzej Cyrikas

translated by Ewa Samotyj-Hess