He and She

He and She

on 24 October 2018

He and She

two worlds unparalleled

but permeating each other

searching for what unites them

watching attentively

what might divide them

He and She

two worlds full of respect

two worlds devoted to each other

enjoying each other’s presence

overjoyed by the presence of the One

who is

who unites

who leads to perfection

He and She

that is true love

ardent with sighs

full of passion

never without emotion

and still blooming

and still experiencing

and still so wise

love that is always victorious

not triumphing over each other

but together triumphing

over what dares to stand in their way

He and She

two worlds

that have become one

two worlds

marveling at being one

worlds full of beautiful words

worlds full of beautiful silence

worlds of smiles in full blossom

and even if immersed in tears

still wrapped in the garment of hope

worlds of never-ending farewells

and never-ending welcomes

two worlds in one

that will outlive even death

He and She

world without words

love suffices to get to know it

and faith

to hold onto it

Andrzej Cyrikas

translated by Ewa Samotyj-Hess